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Small Businesses



Small businesses need to showcase what they do and who they are to perform well in today’s industry.

Entrepreneurs like to establish their own brand online. Getting a website is the first step where they can outreach to their target audience.

E-commerce websites are poweful for selling products online. E-commerce sites provide a great user experience to your customers and allow you to build your business revenue.

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Responsive Design


a website that responds to screen resolution

Each website created by Webafest includes a responsive layout that scales down for people to read on mobile phones and iPads. Responsive website design is a relatively new technology that allows website developers to have one template for multiple devices. This allows you to have a great browsing experience wherever you are, from a high-resolution desktop to a low-resolution mobile phone.

Flat Layouts

flat layouts designed

Designing a flat layout has been one of web designs’ latest trend and will continue into future. Flat designs incorporate a simple yet compelling way to present information to desktop and mobile users. What makes them unique is that it presents a minimalistic design approach that incorporates usability. The benefits are is that they are clean, have an open space, make use of bright colours and two-flat illustrations on the page.