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Common Questions

Who handles the content?
We will initially create the content for your new website. When the project is complete, we will give you the login details to update your own content and make necessary changes.

How do I choose a domain name?
Most companies choose their business name as their domain name. The important thing to remember is to keep it short and easy to remember.

Do you host the website?
Yes, we do. We will host your website and just bill you annually for your hosting needs.
Are there on-going fees?
Only if you decide you want changes made to the design and content after the project is complete.

Can I update my website over time?
Yes. After we have finished your website we can help guide you through how to create and update new pieces of content.

Do you have selection of website templates?
Yes. In fact we encourage you to take a look at the variety of templates we have on our website templates page.

If you feel your questions haven't been answered yet, take a read of our FAQ Page which contains more details.
If you would like to know more about our design process, please take a read of our website development page.

Who We Work For?

Small Businesses
small business web development
Small Businesses are the heart and soul of who we work for. They come to us looking to create the right online presence for their audience to understand what they stand for and to share their story.
E-commerce Shops
e-commerce website design
We love the nuts and bolts of an e-commerce website so businesses can sell their own products online. This allows you to have a shop presence that can automate the sales process for you. Take a look at our e-commerce page where we share with you some helpful insights about how we create e-commerce websites.
Individual People
individual web design
Individuals can become a real authority within their own niche. This allows them to expand their reach to more people outside their local area. We can create websites for individuals to help them share their story to a wide audience.

Why Companies Choose Us

responsive design

Responsive Layouts

Each website created by Webafest includes a responsive layout that scales down for people to read on mobile phones and iPads. Responsive website design is a relatively new technology that allows website developers to have one template for multiple devices. This allows you to have a great browsing experience wherever you are, from a high-resolution desktop to a low-resolution mobile phone.

flat layouts designed at Webafest

Flat Design Layouts

A flat template design is the latest trend for 2013 that will continue into 2014 and the future. Flat Designs incorporate a simple yet compelling way to present information to desktop and mobile users. What makes it unique is that it cuts out all the old way of designing a website that made use of gradients, shiny buttons and shadows.
mobile website navigation

Mobile Navigation

Having a mobile navigation is important for the user experience because sometimes it can be difficult for users to browse between different pages on a mobile device. We can incorporate a mobile navigation such as bootstrap into our templates to make it even easier for your audience to browse.

retina display in laptop

Made for Retina

Retina is a new feature that has been built into the Apple products such as their laptops and iPhones. The pixel density shown their device screens are very high, which means its very hard to see individual pixels. Webafest takes priority in making sure your website looks neat on retina made devices.
If you like to see the work we have done before we work for your small business, please take a look at our website portfolio which lists all the websites we have completed so far.