27 Wedding Website Examples Worth Noticing

This is an image gallery that features different wedding website examples you can setup for your own website. They are a collection of HTML5, Joomla, and WordPress templates. Browse some of the best wedding website examples created with the WeddingWoo featuring a sample of their real customers here: If you are looking for unique […]

The Website Pre-Launch Checklist

Content – Check grammar and spelling. W3C – Ensure site is W3C compliant. View on multiple browsers. SEO – Ensure SEO meta data is included on all pages/posts. Ensure site visible to search engines. SITEMAP – Don’t forget to create and publish a sitemap. GOOGLE WEBMASTER  – Submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools. 404 […]

A Guide to Web Page Anatomy

Here is a practical guide that will teach you what you need focus on when creating your custom web pages. This infographic gives 5 major points for you to work out how you can deliver the right content that your audience needs. Take a moment to read through each point and post a comment if […]

Discount Steel Tasmania

This is one of the latest website design projects we have completed here at Webafest for the Tasmanian company Discount Steel. They provide quality new and used steel products for fencing and home roofs. They are an established business that operates out of Shearwater, Tasmania for the home handyman or renovator. To browse more information […]

Color Matters In Website Design

This infographic shares how color plays a vital role in your website development. Color increases brand recognition by 80%. All colors fit into three categories, cool, warm and neutral. While you can select all your colors from the same group, it is often possible to achieve a more powerful effect by introducing a color from […]

How to Create Websites – Infographic

This is a practical infographic guide on how websites are developed by professional website designers. 1. Plan – You have an idea or business plan that you would like to make public. You then contact a web studio like Webafest or IT consultant to find out how your project can be accomplished. You then choose the […]

Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Website

This infographic helps you understand what you can do to speed up your website.   1. Content Make fewer HTTP Requests Reduce DNS Lookups Avoid Redirects Make Ajax Cacheable Post Load Components Pre Load Components Reduce the number of DOM Elements Split components across domains Minimize the number of iframes Avoid 404’s 2. Server Use […]

The Favorite Fonts Web Designers Love To Use

Here is helpful guide to help you understand what the most favorite fonts are web designers like to use. The top 10 favorite free fonts. 1. Myriad Pro Here is an example of what the Myriad Pro font looks like and where to download it. 2. League Gothic 3. Cabin 4. Corbel […]

Developing A Website From Beginning to End

This infographic will explain to you the different stages you will need to know in designing a website from scratch. From beginning to end, you”ll gain an understanding of how a developer can create your small business website.   External Resources: For some help external resources on learning more about what each web development stage […]

The SEO Course For WordPress Users

So, you’ve been running your site for a while, but folks don’t seem to really notice your site? Chanced are, it’s just because you did not take the time to properly configure SEO settings on your WordPress website. It goes without saying that you can browse tons of sites on your own and eventually get […]

35 High Quality Wedding Theme Examples For WordPress

There are many wedding websites from around the World that have been designed with a compelling balance of whitespace and the right colors in mind. Here, in this post I will showcase to you the different WordPress Themes you could setup for your own wedding website. This is a great opportunity while your here to […]

How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme from Start to Finish

One of the most common issues for webmasters each and every year is having to re-design someone’s website or select a new WordPress theme for a client’s website. This post will help you gain more insight into what you should be focusing on when it comes to selecting the right WordPress theme for your own business or […]

an image of the jetty restaurant website

The Jetty Restaurant

The Jetty Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant situated on the Murchison Highway in Somerset, Tasmania. Their website was created by us in 2013. Their template theme was developed by Templatic. To checkout their website, go to If you need a website for your restaurant or cafe in Tasmania, please contact Webafest today.


Hot Logo Ideas For Every Website Designer

A lot of designers from around the World know how hard it can be to produce an excellent, quality logo for the business they are working for. So in this post, I’m going to share with you some eye catching logos that have been created to help inspire the designer in all of us. In […]

Responsive Website Design Explained

This inofographic gives beginning website designers the understanding to what responsive website design is and how they can apply it to their own website. The above graphic also shares with you the different types of frameworks that have responsive code built into it. Credit goes to: quantumcloud Please let me know if your website is […]