About Julian Lesek

Julian Lesek from WebafestHi, My name is Julian Lesek and I am founder of Webafest and I enjoy helping small businesses grow their online presence.

I live in the small city of Devonport, Tasmania and like to create websites that help Tasmanian businesses have an online presence to grow their business. I often write content on my blog to help people understand the different aspects and latest trends of website development. I like to answer peoples questions relating to how they can improve their own website to increase conversions, so ultimately they can improve their revenue.

I got started learning how to develop websites at the TAFE Tasmania Colledge (Devonport Campas), where I earn’t a certificate IV in (Website Design) and a Certificate IV in (Networking). Throughout each course I learn’t about developing a websites front-end through to understanding  how the computer hardware works. By gaining an understanding of the bigger picture of the web development industry, I’m now able to help provide solutions to local businesses. The skillset set I bring to the table are HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP. Each project that I perform follows a logical step-by-step website design process which will produce an outcome for each client.

What Do I Specialize In?

You can contact me directly on these social networks to start a conversation with me today.

My favorite Website Design resources from around the World:

Smashing Magazine – Provides in depth tutorials to help web design professionals get their job done right. Any information these guys provide is of the highest quality you could wish for. I personally like reading their coding tutorials which delve into best practices of CSS and leading design trends.

TutsPlus – Tuts Plus specialize in teaching you how to create a website from the ground up. Even if you’ve never built a website before, these guys will show you pretty much everything you need to know. What I love about them is they have a huge range of content that people can learn from. They also have a large amount of content in their premium section which users can pay monthly fee.

Speckyboy –  A design magazine that likes to deliver fresh content to its users. Whether you’ve been a designer or developer for some years now, there’s always new you can learn from this crowd. They specialize in creating valuable content across several categories. I like reading their WordPress archives because they teach you how take advantage of a really cool open source CMS.

1stwebdesigner – This blog keeps you updated with the latest tutorials about design, WordPress and Coding techniques. They have a variety of e-books you buy such as “Responsive Website Design”  and “Learn HTML5 “. All of the books you can buy at an affordable price.

Please take the time while you are here to browse over our website services that we offer to your business. If you have any questions in regards to having a website created for your own company in Tasmania, you can contact me on my personal email address – julian@webafest.com.au. I hope this post has been helpful for you in learning more about me! If your interested in gaining more insight into the questions we receive, please take a read of our FAQ Page where you can get most of your questions answered today.