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10 Reasons Why Adding New Content is critical for your Website!

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1.  It promotes long Traffic Growth!

long term traffic for your website


Having a website that has new content added to it on a weekly or daily basis is best for promoting long term growth for your website and business that your marketing online. Over time your website should see a steady increase in search engine traffic which will include Google, Bing and Yahoo as the major traffic sources sending you targeted visitors.

2.  It’s More Relevant to the Reader

A website that is more relevant to the reader is more likely to be shared on social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. The more content that is added to a website will reflect to the search engines that the website wants to be authentic and establish more trust that the content is serving a valuable purpose to its readers and subscribers.

3.  It attracts more search engine crawls

search engines crawling your website


Having a website that is consistently adding new content tells Google and the other search engines that your website has new content to crawl and index the new information. The more new information a search engine can get, will promotes more search engine crawls on a daily basis so it can best serve its users to get the most relevant information they are searching for.

4.  New Content attracts inbound links

Updating the content on your website or blog can act as a leverage for people to naturally link to your page by sharing it with their friends by email or by social networking. New inbound links over time reflects to Google that your content is trust worthy because other people or websites are linking back to your content that they like. The more high quality links you get from trusted websites the more authority it will receive when listing your search result within Google.


natural links to your website

5.  It keeps your customers engaged & updated

New content engages the audience to comment or share the information you have because your readers are always reading something new or the content has value to what they want to archive or know. The more people that are engaged with your website, the more organic traffic you should get to your website.

6.  It creates a social media buzz

Having your content shared by social media is a great way to build your business brand and establish relationships that will hopefully convert into a customer and shares for your great content. Social media can be powerful for driving traffic to your website in real-time before the googlebot even crawls your website. This means you don’t have to just rely on the search engines to bring you the traffic to your site.

7.  The Google Algorithm loves it

The Google Algorithm is always changing and a small factor to the algorithm takes into account how often a website adds new information to it. If your not adding new content to your website, in theory the website may gradually loose its ranking for certain search terms.

8.  It promotes good internal linking

When new content is added to your site it gives you the opportunity to link to other valuable resources on your website that can help the reader in learning what other information may be of help to them. It also helps the search crawlers to see what else is new on the website by following the link. This will in turn help your pages rank in a better position in the search results.

9.  More time spent on your website

good on-site user experience


The more information you can give the website reader, the more time they should spend reading or commenting on your great content. This is because they should be glued reading the great information written in the post. Having a post that adds value to the reader like a video or written tutorial should boost the time spent on that webpage. You can find out how long people are spending on your website at Google Analytics.

10.  More Content can mean more social connections

share new content with social connections


credit to Chris Potter for photo

The more content you have on your website, should help boost social connections to your brand on Facebook and Twitter. With a larger following on facebook and twitter, people will start to see your information as an authority of where they can come back too to get great information.
More social connections means you will be able to depend less and less on Google for driving traffic to your website which in turn may be a good thing because with so many changes that Google does in one year, anything is possible for loosing rankings within their Search.


The conclusion of all this is fairly straight forward, develop a website that is updated with new content and your website will reap the benefits of doing so. It’s important to remember when posting you’re content that it contributes high value to the reader so they can get something out of what you have said or have learned something new. Great content will normally get shared which should result in increased visitors and more social shares. If you like to contribute any more information about adding new content to your website then please leave a comment in the area below.


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