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How Branding Affects Your Website Design

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hohow branding effects web design


So how does branding affect your every day website design? Branding is a combination of symbols and text that represent the expectationsexperience and message that a company or business is trying the share.

There are many ways you can incorporate branding into your responsive website design layout. It can be through sound, images or phrases or even video on your site. The main branding affect you’ll see on nearly every website is through a great logo, which can communicate powerful messages with your audience and keep them attracted to your site for a lot longer.

Here is a great example of how ZOHO Sites incorporate a great phrase for their unique sales proposition “Free Website Builder for every head”. As you can see from the image below that they have included different faces and heads to represent the words they are using on their website so people can best understand what they are about.

zoho sites branded image

ZOHO offers online Collaboration, Business and Productivity Applications for Small & Medium Businesses.

Using effective branding has quite an art to it and must convey an easy to understand message that is performed well across many different types of media. Branding affects many aspects of your web design and is best to get it right first in the early stages of your website development. If you have a personal blog, branding will help set you apart and make your site memorable to most visitors.

Lets take a look at how branding is affected in your website!

1.  Color On Your Website

The color on your website can influence the moods of your website audience. Your target audience can bring with them certain perceptions of what color should be on that site based on the diversity of their culture and where they live in the World. In today’s competitive web development world, its important for every web designer to know that color isn’t just nice nice aesthetics that look good, it has to stimulate various emotions and carry with it subconscious awareness to various characteristics and messages on your site.

When picking a color for your brand, its always best before hand to research its effectiveness to see if it is an adequate fit for the type of things your business (brand) represents. It’s a good idea to check with other people about the colors you choose and that they mean think before the website goes live.

Here’s an example of how the web designer wall have made effective use of Color on their website. Notice how your eye is drawn to the top of the page first, which has a colorful banner with light and dark shades. Then when you look down the page, the red header for each post stands out on the lighter background, making it easy to read.

the web designer wall

“the web designer wall – is a wall of design ideas, web trends, and tutorials”

2. Emotion is Ingrained

Emotion is an important thing to consider when developing the brand on your website. You have to ask yourself the question! ” What type of  feelings do you want people to experience when they land on your site for the first time? ” What type of things do inspire them to associate with your brand?

Creating the right aesthetic designs for your site shouldn’t be always about following the latest design trends, it should be about deciding on the emotions and ideas that you want your brand to reflect to every website visitor. The very design of your site will reflect this.

A company that helps businesses and consultants find their emotional branding is the Emotional Branding Alliance.

the emotional branding alliance

3. Consistency Throughout

Consistency all the way through your own web design should develop on the decisions you have crafted earlier relating to choosing the ideal temperament for your brand and inducing the most relevant emotions. It’s always best to maintain continuous tonesvisual imagery, as well as the right fonts throughout, to produce your website assignments as a consistent impression.

Consistent visuals and design layouts enables one to reuse much more of your html code, CSS or graphics. What this will mean, is that your web pages will load a lot quicker as the user’s web browser has already cached many of the html elements and doesn’t have to to download a lot of old pictures and cascading style sheets that are already stored. Wikipedia is a great example of how their design harmonizes with their logo near the top of the navigation menu, on their site, embedding their brand into the page layout.

consistency in wikipedia design

Webafest likes to design branded websites for companies in Tasmania. Get in contact with us today if you would like to take the next step in creating the presence online to reflect what your business is all about.

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