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Hot Logo Ideas For Every Website Designer

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A lot of designers from around the World know how hard it can be to produce an excellent, quality logo for the business they are working for. So in this post, I’m going to share with you some eye catching logos that have been created to help inspire the designer in all of us. In the short time that I’ve been developing websites, the most consuming part of my time is made up of creating new ideas for a logo. It can be a challenging experience to start with, but with the right research and experience, the process becomes easier over time. I speak in more detail about the way I develop websites on my website development post.

They say “a picture says 1000 words”, well think of how much a decent logo can say about your business or brand. There can be a few categories in the way you portray your logo, they could range from colorful and elegant to a more fun and playful type of design. What I love most about these logos listed below, is that they all have an artistic flare that thinks outside the traditional square. They make you think about how you can incorporate a picture into words and how to develop personality within each design to reflect how you feel about a brand.

Here are some of my favorite logos that I’ve sourced to help you in your journey to become a better logo creator.

zufruta express    vivity


the sync tech logo say cheese photography logo

the SaoPaulo logopyromid

print with gustothe OC-Juice logo

the noon logo mymo

the light beat logo ideosa

big time hunger-fighter  holiday Inn

hands help cleaning services FotoSkrydis logo

firefizz dfid

creative coffee-world

click-2-marketing bruna

bright onebright-logo

the blendthe bike geek


Tips to keep in Mind

Empathize the Color 

The color in a logo communicates many ideas and aspirations to an audience and is important that every graphic designer has a knowledge of what ‘the color palette’ is about. When starting out, you’ll have to choose colors based on your brand, so for a corporate look may like choose from black or grey or if your designing a child’s website, you’ll choose from a softer pink, light blue or light green colors. Colorschemedesigner.com gives a designer a choice of what colors they want to incorporate into the color scheme they working on. The advantage to using the color scheme designer is that it allows you to switch between a triad, complementary, or mono color scheme and provides you with the HTML hex code.

Candy Magic

The colors in the above image captures your attention and pulls into its focal point, it brings to life the illustration and gives further context to its landscape design. Remember that a well designed logo has to show versatility and function well in grayscale mode. Another important point to consider is what the logo is going to be used for? Will it be just used for a website or will the logo be transferred onto some signage outdoors or even cars?

Use Custom made Typography 

While your trying to create the words in your logo, there’s nothing better then using some unique font types to integrate into your design. One website where you can get custom made fonts to download is dafont.com, they provide any type of font you could think about. Just click on the download links and install them on your own computer, too easy.

custom fonts from dafont.com

By using a custom font type, it helps ensure that our logo stands out and look s unique in a World where many logos are created every single day.

Keep Simplicity in Mind

Keeping a logo simple is an absolute must for all designers to follow because it helps people focus on what is being said, where’s a busy logo that looks cluttered would have to interpreted to know what is being said. Basically you don’t want people to think what a logo means, you need to get the message across  in the way you portray it. Simple logos can be the most powerful because they always prove to be the icons that stand the test of time, even for some of the largest companies like Ebay, Target and Big W.

For example lets take the apple logo, without the bite taken out it would just be a regular old apple that not many people would really appreciate. The bite adds an element of simplicity and creativity to the logo that people like and also remember. This also brings up an important point that if your able to help people remember your logo your more likely to become a trusted brand that customers will want to come back too.

Always think about how you can go that extra mile and turn a boring logo into an unmistakable art piece that people love and feel good about.



One thing that all these logos listed above have in common, is they all establish a good brand identity.

Every good logo has to establish a story with its audience! Logos that are bold in color tend to reflect the personality of that business and sets them apart, making them unique from everyone else. Designers need to show to their clients how much thought went into producing a design that suits their clients brand. Also, you need to think about how you can integrate the values and mission that the company or brand stands for. If you know of a logo that inspires you, let me know about it in the comments below.


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