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How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme from Start to Finish

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One of the most common issues for webmasters each and every year is having to re-design someone’s website
or select a new WordPress theme for a client’s website. This post will help you gain more insight into what
you should be focusing on when it comes to selecting the right WordPress theme for your own business or personal blog.

Pick a Theme For the Industry or Niche

Gain an understanding about how the company works first and foremost. The more knowledge
you can equip the better prepared you’ll be in knowing which theme to aim for.

You will also need to gain knowledge about how other related industry websites put the finishing touches
on their website. Get to know what the leading trends are in design and what makes them unique.

Know the Features / Benefits

Gain an understanding about what features and benefits you will receive before making any purchase.
I find that I usually ask myself “How will this theme solve any future problems my website may have?”

Do you plan on making sales from your website in the future? If so, you will need to find out if your theme
is compatible with e-commerce plugins or comes with them per-installed.

Will the WordPress theme be accessible on a mobile phone. With the ever growing amount of social apps
sending traffic to your website, you better make sure that the theme can scale down to a resolution your
phone can handle.

Does the theme have a quality support team backing it? It pays to do your research on this one because
quite often I’ve seen there can be low quality support provided to individuals that need simple needs
done to their website

Free or Premium or Custom Made?

free or premium theme

I know there are a lot of talented individuals creating free WordPress themes for the community
but the only problem I see with this is that if you going to download a free WordPress make sure
you can configure the way you like. I’ve talked previously about why you may not want to choose
a free WordPress theme because you will most likely be on your own without a professional support
team to help you with your website. That’s the beauty of a premium theme because
you will not be left high and dry about how you want your website to be. Premium themes usually come
with a level of support either through email or a support forum.

Custom made themes on the other hand is where you pay a developer to code up the necessary files
needed for your website. You may want specific features that are outside the square of what a premium
theme can provide. To get a custom theme made you will usually have to hire a local website developer or
hire one online from odesk or freelancer. Keep in mind, the developer may charge you an hourly rate
or a total cost to complete the job. Just make sure you know exactly what your paying for so you don’t
get charged anymore then what you have to.

Know Your Call to Actions

Get to know what your overall objective is for your website. Have an understanding
of what content you want to provide to your users as well as knowing what actions
they are going to take next.

For example, Unbounce provides an in-depth article about how to design call to action buttons that help your website convert better.

call to action buttons

Here is an example of how they took an e-commerce “add-to-cart button” and made color changes to increase
its conversion rate. The result was a 35.81 increase in conversions.

The User Experience

the user expeience

How do you want your visitors to feel when they land on your website. Does it look inviting
to the eye and make them want to come back again and again. Also, will it be accessible
to the user so they can easily navigate around your website more freely.
Will the WordPress theme load fast when users visit your website? There are lots of different themes on the
marketplace today, but not all of them have optimal load times.

Will it last for the long term?

This is quite often overlooked by many webmasters because they think that any theme will
satisfy their needs forever. But as companies evolve and technology becomes much more
savvy and technical, big brands often want more features to be added to help their users or
keep up with the latest technology.


I hope that you’ve learned something from this post in knowing what to look for before choosing the right
WordPress theme for your website. If you know of anything that I’ve left out then I would gladly like to
know in the comments area what you think. From my past experience it pays to do some extensive research
into knowing what you will get to understand what the true benefits are and what you should expect after
making a purchase.

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