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How to Create Websites – Infographic

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This is a practical infographic guide on how websites are developed by professional website designers.

how to create websites

1. Plan – You have an idea or business plan that you would like to make public. You then contact a web studio like Webafest or IT consultant to find out how your project can be accomplished. You then choose the web studio which provides the best terms and conditions for your project.

2. Design – You do not have the full view of your project so the web studio must provide all needed specifications. You know exactly what your project should look like, so you give the frame and the web studio sticks to it.

3. Build – After setting up the final vision for the project, the web studio gives it life and makes it work. The web studio chooses the right technology for your final needs, whether its a web or mobile application. When the web studio knows the overall conception, they build individual and unique modules for each functionality of your project.

4. Launch – When the build is finished, the web studio must train you how to work with the content management system, so you can use it by yourself and make any changes you want. Once you are satisfied with the final project, the web studio launches it.

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