This page is dedicated to sharing with you the latest and greatest WordPress themes that you can use for your small business or blog. We will also keep you updated with the different kind of plugins you can use to hook into your theme. Here at Webafest, we are on a mission to help connect you with the right WordPress theme expert. We have provided a snippet of information below and a link which will take to you a page dedicated to authorities within the industry.

The Types of WordPress Themes Available

premium WordPress themesPremium WordPress Themes – These collection of themes are of a high quality and have some of latest features that not many other themes contain.




Responsive ThemesResponsive WordPress Themes – These themes have the ability to respond to different device resolutions. So when it comes to browsers surfing your website on their mobile phone, your able to deliver to them an experience that is easy to navigate and understand your content fully.







business themesBusiness WordPress Themes – These are some of the most highest quality WordPress themes you will find. The themes collected in this series are able to be used for your small business right away. Take the opportunity today to see which one you would like your own business. They are all up-to-date for 2014.




bootstrap themesBootstrap WordPress Themes – Get access to some of the highest quality bootstrap themes for WordPress in 2014. These themes where built on the very popular Twitter bootstrap framework, which allows website developers to quickly and efficiently setup websites that are responsive. That’s the beautiful thing about Bootstrap because website developers now have access to code that they can reuse. I like what Natalia David had to write on sitepoint about the reasons why you should use Bootstrap. You can read more of that article over on this post.



Wedding ThemesWedding WordPress Themes – Need to start a wedding website for you and your bride? Look no further then this page! Here we have carefully researched what couples want when creating a website for their own. With some of themes you will be able to enable a guestbook and an events calendar for careful planning around your wedding day.



Theme Experts

Take a browse of our comprehensive list of WordPress Theme experts. This is an opportunity for you to gain a better understanding of who the authorities are when it comes to WordPress Themes. You can checkout their bio and what makes each one unique on this page here.

Theme Plugins

WordPress plugins

Gain a better understanding about what plugins you can integrate into your WordPress theme by reading up on the plugins we have reviewed so far. The beauty about why we review these plugins is they often solve problems, not just for webmaster experts but for humble Mommy bloggers as well. What plugins allow you to do is extend the functionality of a website. So lets you would like to ad an “embed code” to each one of your infographic pages so people can share the information on their website. This is where a plugin can be developed to allow users to perform this function. Browse the different plugins have reviewed here.