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19 Landscape Design Websites On Showcase

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Here in this post, I want to share with you some of the most beautiful landscape design templates that have been made specifically for new websites or if your thinking of getting a site re-designed. They are all up-to-date for 2014 and you can browse each link below to see live preview of what each one looks like. To browse more templates like the these ones below, head over to our responsive themes page to see more.

Panic Station

the panic station landscape design

The Panic Station Template features a slideshow landscape that scales across the browser in fullscreen.  It displays a clean navigation down the left side of the page and is easily viewable on smart phones and tablets.

Preview Panic Station here.


Future of Car Sharing

the future of car sharing landscape

The Future of Car Sharing displays an easy to read infographic that is interactive with the user. It features a green car that travels horizontally when scrolling across the page. What I love about this landscape is that it tells a story on the page as you scroll the mouse.

Preview the Future of Car Sharing here.


The Twenty

the twenty theme landscape


This is a beautiful landscape showcasing a sunrise as its main background.  A distinct bold logo is centered at the top. You’ll be able to browse the fullscreen slider that is featured on its homepage.

To preview The Twenty click-through here.

Kyle Thacker

the kyle thacker landscape theme

This is a very clean and minimal design that displays an easy to read message with distinct call to action buttons. I think this template will become more popular in the future because of its simplicity.

To preview Kyle Thacker click here.


the levehytter landscape

A clean landscape homepage displaying its main menu down the left hand side.

To preview the Levehytter theme please browse over to this page.



the Pulsar landscape

Pulsar features a full screen slideshow and very easy to read headline situated on the top left hand side. This Theme has unique parallax scroll where you can view each landscape in its full form.

To preview Pulsar go here to see it in action.


Big Bend Brewing

the big bend brewing landscape

The Big Bend Brewing website displays a landscape that has a well branded headline and well chosen color scheme. I think the design of this theme matches well with this company brand.

To preview it live go to www.bigbendbrewing.com. Please Note: You will have to enter an age CAPTCHA to view the website.



the dry themes landscape

Dry is a one page responsive theme made for WordPress that displays a centered headline and a mission statement that is easy to read. I like the way it incorporates a nice landscape background into its design.

To checkout Dry live in action, click through here to see it.


Epic Discovery

the epic discovery landscape theme

The Epic Discovery homepage displays a rather small background, but what makes this website unique is the fact that once you start browsing the site you’ll notice it has an epic vertical landscape that most websites don’t have. I feel the designers of epic discovery have really stamped their mark on the uniqueness of the site.

To see Epic Discovery in action go to epicdiscovery.com/vail/.


Google Ventures

the google ventures landscape

The Google Ventures template showcases its heading and mission statement in a clear way for people to understand what they do.

If you will like to view Google Ventures in action, go to http://www.gv.com/


Kassandra Bay Resort

the kassamdra bay landscape

The Kassandra Bay Resort showcases a beautiful landscape that overlooks to the sea on its homepage. This shows tourists how beautiful this location really is, before heading over on a holiday. What I like most about Kassandra Bay website, is that it provides a high-end user experience for people navigating the website for the first time. When you browse over the top menu, you get presented with an image and the links you need to click on.

To see what Kassandra Bay Resort looks like, head over to kassandrabay.com.


Lake Nona

the lake nova landscape

The Lake Nova website displays an innovative landscape that explains very well what their about and who they are.

To see their website in action, click-through here.



the minerva landscape

The minerva street wear showcases a black and white landscape that is simple and well branded by their logo and provides and easy way for people to navigate throughout their site.



the paranorman landscape

The Paranorman website has created a landscape design in which you have to scroll horizontally to the right to learn about the movie and characters involved.  Their display background also has a 3D look about it.

If you would like to see this in action, head over to paranorman.com.



the shaundona landscape theme

The Shaundona showcases a minimalist design layout that is clean and easy to read.



the thankful landscape website

The thankful layout displays a distinct call to action and shows its landscape background fading into the background.

To checkout Thankful live, go here.


These Are Things

 these are things landscape template

This website provides a unique vertical scroll that shares its story as you scroll their website. The layout is an illustration studio landscape designed by Jen Adrion and Omar Noory.

To view their website go to thesearethings.com.


Git Tower

the git tower landscape design

The Git Tower landscape displays a distinct headline that captures peoples attention and has a background that contrasts well with their call to action.

To see Git Tower in action, go to git-tower.com.



the plain landscape design

The plain website showcases a very simple vet very classy design that is easy on the eyes. It displays a bold heading with a fixed black and white background on the homepage.


If you are developing a new website for your small business and need a landscape design, take a look at the range of website templates to see which one will suit your development needs.

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