This involves optimizing the title and Meta description tags on each web page. What this will do is position your site to a target audience who are searching keywords relating to your product or service. At Webafest, we like to focus on long tail keywords for your business to be visible to the people who are searching. An example would be like e-commerce website design or “Business Web Development in Launceston”.

Notice how the main keyword is at the front and geographical region is next to it, this will make your pages more unique on the Internet because you are branding you own website and also targeting an audience that is local for business. Meta tag optimization involves describing what your business is about and where it is. Also its good idea to place a call-to-action within the description to increase the click-through-rate, these can be words like “find out more”,”more info here” and “discover how”.

Heres an example of the ‘title’ and ‘meta description’ that Webafest uses to be seen in the search engines like Google and Bing.

the webafest title and description

Other On-page factors I will look at when analyzing your site include

  • 404 errors (Typically a web page that links to another page that doesn’t exist will return a 404 error.)
  • Crawl-ability (This process checks to see if your your robots.txt file can be crawled by the google bot crawler.)
  • Page-Speed (This typically is a measurement in ms time to see how fast your web pages are loading.)
  • duplicate content (Checking for duplicate titles and meta descriptions as well as scanning the website at to check for plagiarized content)
  • social icon sharing (This can archived through sharing tools such as ShareThis and addthis.)


A Content Strategy For your Website

Webafest can help you with a content strategy that optimizes the content for your website. These include the following:

  • A News Press Release  (Used if you have something news worthy to say)

Well known for getting news out quickly on the web, A press release can do just that and also ads the benefit of getting high authority domain links back to your site.

  • Case Studies  (also known as a customer success story for your website)

A well written case study is like a testimony but in a longer format. It basically tells a story how someone archived success with your product or service from start to finish. It should list all the steps taken in a detailed manner how success was archived.

  • Tutorials (Instructions on how to do a certain task)

Tutorials would have to be the number #1 way for adding value to your readers online, not only are they finding out new information but there also learning something too, which boosts your credibility.

  • Videos  (tell the World what your business is all about through video)

Youtube videos are really great for establishing trust on your website! Whenever someone views a video your site they know that there is someone that they can get to know and like. Videos can do 1 really important thing for your website and that is keeping people for a longer time on your site. This on-page metric tells google that people either found the right answer to their query or they think it’s a credible source of information.

  • Podcasting (host a talk show or interview a person)

Podcasting is kind of like running your own radio station that allows you to upload streaming audio of you talking about something or to someone. This is a great way to get your brand out there for the many listeners who download podcasts on a regular basis. Podcasting is good for sharing the latest industry news so people don’t have to go to a news website to read all about it, its all audio.

  • Blogging  (share thoughts and ideas about your subject or niche)

By using Web 2.0 blogging for developing great contextual content, your website will build relevance and authority from within the search engines with the ability to serve more results to the searcher. The more blog posts you can produce, the more opportunity your site has to appear on the first page for the search term your trying to target. This is great because it will promote for people to link back to your website as an authority.


A Link Building Plan

link building for your website

It is important to have a link building plan in place before you start an any SEO campaign. This will give your content an opportunity to rank better because your getting links from other domains as well as links from different IP addresses.

Australian Business Directories

Business Directories are great to show people a map of where your business is located, a snipped of what your business is about and a link back to your site.

Popular places to get your business listed are:

  • True Local
  • Google Places
  • Yellow Pages

Guest Blogging on Niche Websites (Authority Sites relating to your niche)

This is a post on someone else’s blog or website to explain about a topic in your niche that you have researched. A lot of bloggers need guest posts written for their website to contribute great value to the audience that reads that blog. An example of a great blog post headline for a clothing e-commerce store would be “10 Must Have Stylish Shirts For 2013”.

Most blogs will allow 1 link back to your website and may include a link to your social profiles such Twitter, Google+ or Facebook. It is also a great idea to have a catchy headline when developing your guest post because it will seem more interesting to the readers and if its great content, it will get shared on Facebook or twitter for even more traffic.

Social Bookmarking Sites  (sites like – and

These are great for people wanting to find interesting content about a topic or niche that you have written about. If you get a lot of people bookmarking your sites content, chances are you can get a lot of free traffic.

Social Signals

Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Twitter)

Links to your site from social networks can help quickly with boosting your rankings up the search engines because they are trusted domains with lots of authority and people love to use them.

Matt Cutts spills the beans about “How Google Uses Social Signals” in their Algorithm.

Conclusion For SEO:

If you have a business in Tasmania and you are looking for better search rankings for your business, I’d be happy to answer any of your questions, either contact me through the seo inquiry form or send me an email at for more information.