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The Website Pre-Launch Checklist

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Content – Check grammar and spelling.
W3C – Ensure site is W3C compliant. View on multiple browsers.
SEO – Ensure SEO meta data is included on all pages/posts. Ensure site visible to search engines.
SITEMAP – Don’t forget to create and publish a sitemap.
GOOGLE WEBMASTER  – Submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools.
404 PAGES  – Ensure you have 404 pages and that they work.
LEGAL PAGES   – Have a privacy policy, terms and conditions and disclaimers.
the website pre-launch checklist
CONTACT  – Have a contact page. If using a contact form, test it.
SOCIAL MEDIA  – Provide links to your social media web properties.
NAVIGATION MENUS   – Test navigation. Get feedback on ease of navigation.
LINKS   – Test all internal and outbound links.
LOAD SPEED   – Upon launch, testing the website speed is important. Improve if > 2 seconds.

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