When designers and developers are faced with the task of having to build a new website from the ground up, it can seem like a long and tedious process to be up against. Now then ever before, WordPress developers are coming up with sleek and very professional designs that can shorten the time for websites to be made.

Here at Webafest, we will always use professional template themes on all our clients websites. The company brands that we trust to get each project done are Themeforest and Mojo Themes.

One of the greatest features you can do inside WordPress is the ability to change its appearance. Today I’d like to share with you the best collection of premium WordPress themes you can find for small businesses. Each download link is below each image displayed. Please Note: If you decide to click on the more info button, you will be taken to a different page where you’ll be able to purchase the template. I highly recommend that you do because this can save every webmaster a lot of time when designing a website from the ground up.


the premium photoge WordPress theme

Theme Preview - Live

The Photoge theme really takes superiority to a whole new level for photography bloggers. It contains its own handcrafted Vpanel which is loaded with features and benefits to make the average designer sit up and take notice. One thing I truly love about this theme is that it has a contact bar slider to submit a message through to the website. This enables you to send your message without having to navigate to a different page on the website, making it easier for users.

Along with its high-end user experience, it also benefits from using the Google Web fonts which provides a seamless reading experience over all devices. Photoge is loaded with shortcodes that include big buttons, tabbed content and navigation boxes to show messages like success, warning or error.



the speedy theme



Theme Preview - Live

If clean is what your looking for then Speedy is the theme for you. It provides a stylish page layout that is not cluttered and has a consistent balance of white space. One of the best features about Speedy is its ability to drag-and-drop modules to build out its homepage. Personally, I think that can save a lot of time when building a website from the ground up and can save many late night headaches.

Speedy even has a widget to place your advertising, either at the top of the site or down the left and right hand sides. I believe this theme is ideal for bloggers or website owners you run a news website or travel blog because of its clean, magazine styled layout. Overall I give Speedy an 8 out of 10.



the premium Ilaria WordPress Theme

Theme Preview - Live

The ILaria WordPress theme really brings to life of what a photo gallery can produce. Built upon the bootstrap framework, this theme is designed for artists in mind. It has a 4 x 3 column post type layout for its homepage, making it very easy for readers to browse each to each page. Each featured image you have for each post is a great way to visually describe what your post is about and that’s where ILaria is a leader in its own right.

Not only have they produced a minimalist theme that is pleasing to the eye but they have shown how content should be understood and not just seen. With its soft bend of bebas typography and minimalist features, ILaria truly thinks outside the square for showcasing the great work photographers can do.



frontpage of the premium Flathe theme

Theme Preview - Live

If you would like your website to have a corporate feel then Flathe is the right choice for you. This theme might look too simple, but what it does well is that it incorporates a modern blend of texture and cleaniness to each page. Flathe has been developed using the latest W3C standards that incorporates HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. The flat type of look has become one of the most popular trends in 2013 and this one is no exception.



the premium Imago WordPress Theme

Theme Preview - Live

Imago is a fully loaded WordPress 3.5 compatible solution. With its fully customizable page structures, this is ideal for the corporate business person. If there’s a theme out there that has that has that many page templates to choose from, then this is the one I’d recommend. In fact  it has up to 15 different types of page layouts to choose from. Extra extensions have been added like an ajax contact form, Nivo slider and a portfolio custom post type.

Version 2.3 has up-to-date code that is optimized for fast loading times. The developers have fixed the WP debug errors caused in previous versions.



the premium Damian WordPress Theme

Theme Preview - Live

The Damian theme has a fully responsive layout that allows people to browse their website on a mobile phone. One of its greatest benefits is its smooth scrolling technology and CSS3 transition effect. Damian allows you to edit custom CSS and provides the necessary documentation to learn how to use the theme. Overall I would rate this theme a 9 out of 10 for the effort that has been put into its design.

I would recommend Damien to any design company that is looking to showcase their portfolio in a clean, well structured manner. This theme does support insert custom made javascripts.




Theme Preview - Live

Notable is a newly designed theme that brings to life some of the most cutting edge design features for 2013. Those features include a flat minimal layout that includes media queries that respond to different screen sizes.




Theme Preview - Live

Wpscroller brings out the power of what can be archived with parallax scrolling. This theme is for marketing professionals looking to establish authority within their own community. Whats really cool about Wpscroller is how it displays its portfolio images and the use of its ajax navigation. Once installed you get access to SEO settings and a team members management system. The theme works in all the standard web browsers that include IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.



the superior Challenge WordPress Theme

Theme Preview - Live

Challenge brings a classy look and feel to the WordPress marketplace. One function you’ll find useful about this theme, is that it has an advanced jQuery image uploader. This allows you to upload images in the background while your working on something else. The benefits of using Challenge is that it provides a consistent amount of whitespace and the choice of 18 different footer layouts. The challenge theme has a built in search widget on the top of its header.



the premium Revolution Theme

Theme Preview - Live

Revolution can bring a fresh new look to your website. It has a clean, centered layout that is free from distractions and clutter. Personally I love the colored tabs that are displayed on the homepage. If your re-designing your website and need a new theme to install, this should satisfy your needs. My Favorite features about Revolution are the side drop shadows, the bright red call-to-action-button and the tabular labels for people to browse.



the superior Liliana WordPress Theme
The Liliana theme dances head and shoulders above any responsive template I’ve reviewed so far. There are tons of options at hand customizing the page elements. Liliana has the facility to translate the wording on your site by the use of .po and .mo files.

The theme also has the ability to setup a sortable portfolio and is standard compliant with all the major browsers. What makes Liliana is that you can choose between the elastic, flex, and swipper slider options.

Theme Preview - Live

If your still looking for a premium template for your own website, you can always send me an email on my personal email address julian@webafest.com.au. (P.S. Please make note of the particular style you need.) If you want to checkout a huge range of responsive WordPress Themes with demo examples, then I recommend you take a look at these clean responsive WordPress Themes bought to you by Themeforest. They don’t just specialize in WordPress themes, they create popular shopping cart templates for Shopify, Magento and Zen Cart. I think what a lot of web designers like about them is the fact they have over 11,000 templates to choose from. As far as price goes, website templates start from $3 and work their way up to over $50.

Why go Premium?

There are a number of reasons why would start using a premium theme for your website. Firstly, you’ll get the support you need either through a support forum or by email. Secondly, you’ll get access to superior features that you don’t get even if the best free templates available. The third and main reason why you would want to go premium is because it simply looks more pleasant to the eye. Professional themes look great from a readers perspective to also a webmasters perspective.

Lets take a look at some the questions you may have before getting the theme that you want. Some of the most popular questions that come up are:

Do I get the PSD files included?

Does the forum support get back to you quickly when I’m  having problems?

Does this theme have any licencing restrictions where you can only use it on one site?

Most of the WordPress developers that I know of choose a multi-site licence which allows them to use a template on many different client website of their choice. This can be through a yearly subscription or an outright fee. It usually works out cheaper in the long-term just to buy it outright. Most providers will let you have access to a basic licence which is a lot cheaper.

Browser Compatibility

Most modern day themes developed today will be compatible with the most commonly used browsers. (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera) Lets not forget mobile browsers too. They could be Opera Mini, Skyfire, Google Android and Bolt (made in java). Keep in mind that responsive templates created with CSS3 media queries allow your website to respond to any resolution, even down to 320 x 240 pixels.


The most common problem I find with freely available themes is that you can’t always customize it to your own liking. What this means is that you may want to change certain elements of a homepage but your restricted to one type of option for you to select from. This can be a real pain and cause you start downloading other free ones that may not be any better. What I look for when i want to customize a theme is the ability to have a homepage widget slider, a multipage widget sidebar and lot of shortcodes I can insert into each post.

Shortcodes allow you to install snippets of code into pages or posts that allow extra functionality for your website.  An example would be if wanted to add an image button or maybe a few columns. The list of functions is big,  from videos to typography to lovely looking drop caps. Here’s an example of what the shortcode generator looks like inside WordPress.

the shortcode generator

It’s important to understand what type or layout you want to archive for your blog page or homepage before getting started. I use a program could Balsamiq Mockups to create the design layout I’m looking for before making a purchase.

The good thing I like about WordPress you an option to customize the look your website in real-time. Under the appearance menu you’ll see a link could customize, this gives you the option of changing the navigation, background colors or selecting a static homepage.

Specialized Widgets

Having specialized widgets created in a professional themes is nothing short of good quality I believe. The reason is because when your able to add features that no other website has, then you start to maximize your creativity. If your not sure what widgets are they are just ready made blocks of code that can placed in different places of your website.

Here are list of widgets you should be able to add to your site.

  • custom menus
  • display recent posts
  • image slideshow
  • Show a tag clould
  • email optin
  • a search bar
  • display categories
  • banner advertising panel
  • a social networking toolbar


I hope you found a theme above you can start using for your own website today. I still remember the days of old, where a web designer would have to create each html file separately in a text editor. How far have we come today? People can install WordPress either through a script could Fantastico or the files they download from wordpress.org. It’s easier then ever before to setup a theme you love and more importantly, has a great user experience for other people to browse your site. Tell me in the comments below about your experience in setting up your own website. If you decided you didn’t like these Premium WordPress Themes then take a look at our quality Business Themes ready to download.