Here in this post, I am going to reveal to you some of the cleanest responsive WordPress Themes you can download from our all time favorite provider Themeforest. What makes these Themes special is that their all compatible with the latest edition of WordPress, which is what we love to create websites with. I can tell you now, these are not the worst selection of responsive templates seen! So buckell up and get ready for me to spill the beans on what stellar features they have to offer.


907 One Page Parallax

The 907 One Page Parallax Responsive Theme

Preview Theme - Live

The 907 One Page Parellax theme incorporates just about every piece of modern web design that you could want in a WordPress theme. As you scroll down the homepage, you are presented with different row style backgrounds that make up the parellax design. One of the features that I really like in this theme is the ability to add unlimited sidebars to your pages and posts. You can even take advantage of the shortcode they give you to embed a custom sidebar into different pages.

One thing I noticed after taking the theme for a test drive is that is a neat drag-n-drop photo gallery. The gallery gives you the flexibility to add your images in a quick and orderly fashion. 907 One Page Parellax is loaded with different header options for you to add your own HTML, custom slider or a video presentation. This theme offers a high degree of user experience with its single page view, keeping your visitors reading for longer.



The ultra Responsive Ideas Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Ideas is a 100% responsive theme that can adjust to any screen device like an iPad, iphone or android device. What makes Ideas stand out from the crowd is its full-screen image slider that your presented on the homepage. The slider feels very compelling both to end users and website owners because it allows you to understand the story behind the brand by the use of images. This theme is tapping into some new technology such as touch swiping and retina made by Apple.

Ideas gives you the ability to have full-screen posts and the feature of adding unlimited image portfolios to your website. One thing that stood out to me while trying it out was the neat array of shortcodes that are available to use while creating your content. A few of the shortcodes can create a placement for testimonies, a lightbox, and works carousel.



the Responsive Photolux Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Photolux is specially made just for photographers and takes full advantage of having its own control panel. it’s control panel called Pexeto Panel allows you to change the page settings, sidebars and even the ability to upload a fav.icon image. Photolux allows any photographer to quickly setup their website to showcase their photo gallery. While I was testing the theme, I noticed how easy it was for users browse through the different photos in each album. All it took was to drag the mouse across the screen and you could horizontally browse through the different images. Photolux shows a great deal of elegance to its visitors and has the options of different skins to choose from. Select from a dark, light or transparent look to suit the feel of your gallery’s.



the modern SCRN Theme

Preview Theme - Live

SCRN was made to incorporate a minimalistic look into its single page design. Their jQuery contact form and social icons are so easy to setup that any business can really take advantage of creating a fully fledged, responsive website. SCRN has a layout builder integrated into the back-end, making it easier for people to quickly design the pages they like without the fuss of employing a developer.  SCRN has a sticky top menu that when you scroll past the top banner your menu is fixed. With this feature, you can easily get back to their menu without having to scroll miles on end to get to where you want to go. Here on Webafest, we are using a sticky navigation aswell to help our users browse more quickly.



the responsive Chocolate gallery Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Chocolate is one theme that will make you say wow after first using it. The time and effort put into developing this great template is sure to pave the way for success in your business. Chocolate was developed for photography slideshows in mind. As you can see from the image example above, it showcases images within a full-screen browser window that your visitors can scroll through. Chocolate has a very sexy and seductive look to it that can showcase the work of any artist or photographer. Chocolate shows great flexibility, responding to any screen size that it loads on. The template loads beautifully on any tablet screen and has the same browsing experience as if I was surfing on a desktop computer. I believe that Chocolate will help a lot of small businesses for 2014 present their images in a compelling way, that will keep visitors longer on your site and will attract new customers for your business.



the responsive Porto Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Porto will suit any small business right down to the ground. With its simple yet professional look, it takes full advantage of the bootstrap framework that its made from. This template comes with features like a premium slider (nivo & revolution) , a drag n drop page builder and post meta settings to change page layouts. What makes this theme compelling is the fact it has a powerful admin control panel for its users to change settings. The settings it allows you to change are the footer, portfolio, skins and post options. Porto has the facility to add your custom logo to its header and even the ability to add your custom CSS.



the responsive Producr Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Producr is one very clean template that supports high resolution browsing. If you apply this theme to your website, you will be amazed at how classy it shows each element. One thing that really stood out to me while researching its benefits was it was really well documented and there is 24/7 support available. In my opinion support is becoming more important and people are wanting to configure their own website to just the way they like. What makes Producr really classy is the way the designers have given it a flat look. There is nothing negative I can find that would put off website developers from buying this theme for their clients or an upcoming project. Producr is built upon the rock solid Vafpress Framework, which allows you to change your metaboxs and gives you access to insert shortcodes into each page.



the responsive, clean Raw Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Raw is one of the most set apart responsive themes I have reviewed so far. What makes it different, is that it contains a vertical navigation down the left side and its image links have a really cool zoom effect. Raw was made to showcase the professional work of photographers and have it contained in a studio like fashion for its visitors to browse through. Raw comes with lightbox installed as one of its main features and has the .psd files contained so you can see its original design. I have tested Raw in different browsers and found it is compatible with IE 9, IE10, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.



the responsive Risen Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Risen was made specially for churches in mind. Many churches from around the World have remarked at how good this template has been for them. For example, Pastor Eric Atkins of New Friendship Bc has made really good use of this theme and has been able to customize it the way he likes. That being said, I can safely recommend Risen to any churches looking to get a new website created. One of the benefits to using Risen is the fact that it has a Sermon Archive, which can help pastors store their text, video and audio in one easy to remember location. The Risen theme has many more benefits going for it, like being able to setup important staff profiles, a contact form that can be setup for different people like Office Assistants, Senior Pastors, a Youth Pastor, or other members of the committee.



the responsive Sahifa Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Sahifa has a magazine styled design to cater well for news bloggers all around the World. It is retina ready and has a built in rating system which allows you to see star ratings that users have left after reviewing your content. The most important benefit that I like about Sahifa is that its works with BuddyPress which has the ability to make your website more social. Sahifa comes with 9 working page templates so you can quickly switch between different layouts depending on the relevant information. To be honest with you, this would have to be one of my favorite WordPress themes on Themeforest because there is just so much that has been integrated. News Journalists can benefit from RTL language support, customizable background colors and a categories mega menu that Sahifa lets you access. Sahifa has full support for setting your own E-commerce store, so you can have the opportunity to sell a product you have.



the famous Salient responsive Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Salient is a theme that shows pure elegance and power whatever your trying to promote. It contains an extensive range of options for you configure, such as their Nectar Slider and shortcodes. Certain things that I noticed while giving it a test run was the way they have Ajax enabled into their shopping carts. This allows browsers to have a more seamless experience while adding products to a checkout. A great benefit to using Salient is the fact they have premium support available and the updates you receive are for life. The documentation comes in a video format to let learn at your own pace and make the necessary changes you need. Built with an ultra flat design in mind, Salient will suit any business owner or entrepreneur down to the ground. Salient will display well on any retina made device and will load fast for a happy browsing experience.



the responsive Shopsy Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Shopsy is an e-commerce theme that’s well beyond its years. It was built to respond to any screen resolution and take full advantage of the latest bootstrap v3. What I like about Shopsy is that it has a live customizer where you can make changes in real-time to see the difference between different page options. Shopsy has a built in ajax-powered sorting bar, where your visitors can sort through products without reloading the page their on. Shopsy comes with FontAwesome 4+  installed so you can get an abundant range of fonts to choose from. I’ve tested this theme at 1080 x 1920 pixels and found that it supports high resolution really well. When you setup your shop you even have the facility to filter your product items by price.



the responsive Kallyas Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Kallyas is absolutely packed full of features to benefit website owners, sot heir website is on the leading edge of technology. You can change between different colors, choose from a variety of slideshows and even setup custom landing pages. I believe that if you want to re-design your site for 2014, then Kallyas would be one of my own top choices to go with. Kallyas has been cleanly coded and has SEO built right into its framework, so you can make changes to meta descriptions and title tags. I feel that Kallyas does a really good job at presenting a really clean, modern layout to every website visitor.



the responsive Salutation Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Salutation fully integrates BuddyPress, giving you the advantage of having a social network on your own site.  The only bad thing I can think of with this theme is that it does seem a bit plain and narrow in width, but other then that, it does load quickly to serve what users what they want. One top notch feature I like about it, is that it does include a custom CAPTCHA on the contact page to keep unwanted spam out of your mail box. Salutation is WordPress 3.6+ ready and will serve you well for many WordPress updates to come. One thing that Salutation does well is that it displays its red call to action buttons in a clear, distinct way.



the responsive Gonzo Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Gonzo is one super cool, magazine styled theme. What makes this different from the other magazine templates out there, is that Gonzo is very clean and enables you to place your own custom background image to make your site more compelling to readers. Gonzo has a few different flexible layout options to choose from for its blog. What I like about this theme is that has different modules you can set on the homepage to display a gallery, reviews and post tags. Gonzo has the flex slider enabled to showcase new posts that you’ve written lately.



the responsive Aware Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Aware has to be one of the cleanest themes on the market in my opinion. It has the capability of displaying an Ajax portfolio on its homepage and comes with 5 customizable widgets. Aware is well suited towards digital media experts who are wanting to showcase their images or videos in a portfolio.



the responsive Sterling Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Sterling has an ultra responsive layout that works in any browser and looks divine on any device. It is capable of using 4 columns within each page layout and comes with high definition tutorials to grasp the basics of configuring your own theme. Inside of Sterling you’ll be able to insert shortcodes that will deliver large buttons, dropcaps, pricing boxes, icons and alert boxes. This theme is well suited to small business owners looking to get their website up and going for the fist time.



the flexible Inovado Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Ivovado has been packed full of features that every website developer would love. To start with you’ll get the PSD files included and over 240 font icons to use. What amazes me the most about Inovado is the fact you get over 25 premade layout options to choose from. I havn’t seen that in any other theme I’ve reviewed, which most others only consist of about seven layouts. You get lifetime support and updates after you purchase this theme and video training is thrown in to help you learn the in’s and out’s of what to change. Invado presents a clean and professional image and will serve the financial or accounting service businesses very well.


Good Space

the responsive Good Space Theme

Preview Theme - Live

Good Space is a minimal WordPress theme that has been built from the ground up. It presents a clean presentation to the eye and has a built in page builder to manage column layouts. Several benefits come to life when using the Good Space theme, like being able to upload your own fonts, choose from 6 different footer layouts and a choice of different thumbnail settings. I would suggest that this theme would be good for any design entrepreneur that is looking for a clean, uncluttered look to each of their page layouts.



Why Go Responsive?

You need a responsive website now and into the future because the devices that websites are viewed on are constantly changing. Before, everyone use to visit websites on their desktop computer which consisted of a resolution (1024 x 768) and above. Nowdays people have smart phones and because they are traveling more often, they need use their mobile device to browse website, which can start from a resolution of 320 x 480.

So now hopefully you have a clearer idea of why website developers are moving across to a responsive design. By using a responsive template on any website you should start to see the user experience being improve, with visitors browsing more pages and spending more time reading your site. This can be simply because the website is now compatible with their mobile reading device. I recently developed a website could the Jetty Restaurant and have seen an excellent user experience from what Google Analytics is reporting so far. Take a look at the graphic below detailing the device resolution that has view the website so far. You will notice that the bounce rate is incredibly low which helps understand how people are interacting with the website.

visitor analytics using a responsive theme


Thank you for taking the time to read this post about me explaining which responsive theme you can use for your business. I hope you have a clearer understanding that the web is changing and as businesses owners, I think we need to know exactly how our customers are interacting with our website. If you feel you need to personally contact me about choosing the right theme, you can hit me up on Google+ where I can get back to you quickly and suggest one that will best suit your needs. Just on a side note, the last thing you want as a website developer is to have a client that calls you up to say their website is unresponsive and can’t be read on mobiles devices.  Themeforest is not the only place you can download responsive WordPress themes; be sure to checkout what WPzoom have available here as well as the responsive range at Themify.

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