10 Steps To Become A Successful Website

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becoming a successful website

If you are wanting to know how to become successful with your website, then you have come to the right place. I’ve listed below some great tips that will help you in your progress in becoming the best website in your niche. Here at Webafest we follow these time-tested strategies below for our success.

Become An Authority

The step to becoming an authority website really comes down to 1 thing. That thing is creating a load of content that is valuable to your audience and customers. The content that you create for your website should be related to one niche. A lot of people when first starting out can often fall into the mistake of creating content of everything under the sun. Why I say that is because Google have publicly declared that they are wanting to reward websites that create a lot of niche specific content.

Building authority also means being focused on what questions people have about your niche, People always want to know from relevant experts certain information on resolving a problem or relevant information about their niche for future information.

Scale Slowly

Always start slowly adding content and build up it up over time! This also goes for your marketing efforts as well. To many backlinks, to early can hinder your organic search engine rankings, so if you are going to market your site, use social media like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter when starting out.

Tips when creating content:

  • Use images – Images add a bit of spice and life to your content! People love to see and share images on the web. Adding a few images for each e-commerce product is always good for informing people exactly what the product looks like.
  • Break up text into paragraphs – Most people tend to scan over content when they are reading it and not read it word for word.
  • Font size matters – This may sound like a simple thing, but I cant stress how effective it can be for people who are wanting to read all that you have to say.
  • Link to related articles – Linking to related content will help readers learn more information on the topic your website has established with them. Outbound links to other related content could help your readers find even more detailed content or research that you’re talking about.
  • Always proof read – This can be a simple mistake that webmasters and content creators don’t do. Proof reading your content before posting will help people and search engines understand exactly what you’ve written and not sound like some wildly spun article written by some software.

Long copy is effective – This can be especially effective when selling e-commerce products that are more expensive. The reason behind this is because when people are wanting to invest their hard earn’t money, they are want to know all the facts before giving it away. Using long copy will help establish trust with your buyers and answer their questions they need answering.

Provide the Best Value

The most valued content on your website is the content that will provide solutions to the issues people are having.
Also a good tip when providing value to your audience is one that gets to the point quickly with what they want to help you with. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve scanned over other peoples content and seen that they’ve written a whole of lot content before you get to what you really wanted to know. I’m not say that writing a long blog post is a bad thing, its just that sometimes people don’t have a lot of time to read a heap of content before they get to what they want to know quickly and effectively.

A few pointers on creating value:

  • Share benefits of your product – Being able to sell to people on the benefits of your product will help them develop more interest in what you’re trying to promote and understand how it can help their needs.
  • Fast loading pages & easy navigation – This allows people to have a good browsing experience when people are viewing each page. Being able to navigate quickly throughout your website provides easy access for people to find the information they need quickly. For example, say you have a link from your about page to your profile page, to make it more accessible, it would be best to have a link from your home page to your profile page. This may also have some extra SEO value because your not having to browse to the about page first before you go to the profile page.

Being able to produce fast loading web pages requires the technical know-how and the right knowledge of design.

  • Share Case Studies – A good case study can provide incredible insight and true story about a customer’s testimony or how you resolved their problem from start to finish. What I like about case studies is they share each step along the way in their journey about how they archived success. Often you will learn about what their mistakes where, the stakeholders involved if any and how long it took them to become successful.
  • Have a newsletter subscription – Newsletters allow you to keep your customers up-to-date with the latest info about what your business is doing and what specials you have to offer them. Emails in the form of a newsletter are a great way to nature your leads and get real-time engagement from your customers.
  • Allow Reviews & Feedback – This helps your audience understand from other people’s experience and gives them an opportunity of what they think and how you can improve your product or service.

Optimize For Conversion

Optimizing for conversions is the secret to generating more leads and ultimately more sales, which will increase your overall revenue and increase your profit for the long term. The first line of attack when optimizing your website would be to improve the design layout and place specific call to actions that stand out and feel compelling.

How you can do this is by creating a strong bold headline that people will notice on your landing page. If you can capture people’s attention with a good headline, they may be interested in reading more about what you have to say and take some form of action with what you tell them. When it comes to design, a good layout does matter because it can influence how a person feels about your site as a whole and not just the content alone. Keeping this in mind will ultimately lead to whether people will come back to your site or even bookmark it.

Be Unique – Also, I would like to point out that business owners should know what their unique selling proposition is. This is what separates you from the rest or the competition and why you can do better than then them.

Testing different layouts – It’s important to know you may want to consider doing A/B testing for certain PPC campaigns you run so you know what works more effectively for what you spend.

Know What Your Competition Is Doing

Its one thing to know who your competitors are but its another thing to know what your competition is doing. Often in the web design industry it’s a very competitive market so having a knowledge of what your competitors are up to for their design development can mean the difference between you getting the job or your competitor. There are many factors that can influence the web design industry, including customer service, can the customer upgrade the content and further on going costs for support.

Build Trustful Relationships

The people that keep coming back to your companies website often do so because they trust it. Having this in mind will make you a credible source for all the advice the will want or need. A website can build trust in many ways through video, images and helping people resolve their problems. Video can be an exceptionally good source for building trust because people can get to know you more as a person or company and can even help in the conversion process that we talked about earlier.

You can build successful relationships with people on trusted social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and even share their content which may result in them following you back.

What it comes to your own site, email is a good source for developing that relationship and is more personal because it’s addressed to you. Building that trust through emails will often result in people sharing your content with other people and also give them an opportunity to reply directly back to you.

Keep It Current

Keeping your website current is one of the most fundamental reasons behind some of the most successful websites in the world we have today. Here are some tips for keeping content up-to-date so people will keep coming back again and again.

  • Create a blogging schedule – creating a schedule for blog posts to go out on certain days of the week can be beneficial for your readers and your sites growth. Keep people updated over time with the news or tips on how to help them will establish you as an expert in your field.
  • Update evergreen content – updating your favorite evergreen content will keep that timeless content up-to-date and will reward your business in the future ahead. This type of content will reap a good return on investment over time and is worth putting in the effort for a decent amount of traffic.
  • Allow other experts to contribute – Don’t be afraid of allowing other experts to contribute their content to your site as long as the content is related to your business. If they just want to contribute because of just getting a link then beware that they just want to use that for credibility for their domain or business. Every expert should provide value for the intended audience who’s reading.
  • Have monthly or weekly special deals – This is an epic tip for those using their website to promote special deals on a weekly or monthly basis. This can also mean you’ll get a lot more traffic on certain days of the week when you share your offer.
  • How does your website look? – It’s important that you have your website looking as up-to-date as possible because it will provide people with a better experience when surfing your site. Here’s an article by Rick Whittington that shares with you some excellent tips on a website re-design.

People like deals that they can save on and would most likely share it with their friends so they can see the offer as well.
Have a user friendly CMS – Making sure your content is up-to-date can be a tedious task! Training staff to learn the ins and outs can take time, so using a content management system like WordPress will greatly improve productivity and not have to understand the complex task of updating an html file.


Analyse Campaigns Carefully

When marketing your website, you have to have to have some type of analytic tool to be monitoring what referral traffic is coming to your site as well as having alerts in place and conversion tracking in place. Having knowledge of what traffic converts the most at the least amount of cost is what you should be trying to improve over time.

Consider Outsourcing Tasks

If you’re the only one managing your business, you may want to consider outsourcing the website development and content creation to a freelancer who may be able to perform the tasks at an affordable cost for your business. It’s important to understand when you are outsourcing the work, that the work is of high quality and you can rest-assure you are getting the job done right.

Think Long Term

Having a long term perspective about how to want your website to progress in content and traffic should he mindset behind a truly successful website. When you’ve established your long term business ideas you’ll be able to integrate that into they way you serve people. If people have been served positively on your site, they will be more likely to visit it time and time again.


There are many aspects that make up the success of websites in today’s market. If you would like to know from a search perspective of what Google thinks, then take a read of this page. One thing to keep in mind is the overall quality of your service or product, because at the end of the day it will be other people that will use social media to help determine the success your business has. Let me know what success you’ve had with your own website, I’d love to hear about it.

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