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Targeted traffic is Important for Your Website

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the importance of targeted traffic

Learning why it’s important to have targeted traffic to your website will convert visitors into customers, then shared by the people that found you.

Getting lots of traffic to your website can be a great thing, but it doesn’t always get the desired result everyone is looking for when they first put up their new website.

When marketing your business online, it’s best to understand who you would like to attract to your website in order to maximize the amount sales and will be a better return on investment for the future.

Here are 7 ways that you can use to help improve the targeted traffic to your website today.

1.  Focus on the people who would will need your service or product!

GEO Location – Getting the word out about your business within the same geographical area where you live can have many benefits. People may be able to trust a local source more then what they would from an overseas business. Also when local people are searching your online service, they would more likely click through to your website because they know your doing business within that geographical area.

Local advertising – This can include a classified ad in your local news paper so people will know that you’re a local business and can either contact you by phone or through your website. Be sure to have mention your website at the end of the ad so people can find out more about your business online.

Referrals from Local businesses – Having referrals from other local businesses can help build the reputation of your business and have the ability to gain a lot of their clients that they have. If that business has an online blog then this is a great opportunity for them to write a testimony of how good your service was or product that your provided them.

2. Try to preempt any questions before a new client asks them!

By answering any popular or unpopular questions on your website that clients may ask about what you provide, can actually help people through the sales process.

If you have firmly confirmed most of the answers for them, then they are more likely to buy from you because they have the faith to believe what you are saying is true. An FAQ page on your website is a great starting place to begin these questions and Answers.

3. What makes your business different from your competitors?

Make sure you have a unique difference between you and your competitors. This may be that you provide excellent customer service that the others cannot match, free help-desk support if your working in the IT industry or a 60-day money back guarantee that others may not offer. Maybe your business is the only one that provides monthly Youtube videos that people can comment or ask business from you.

4. Focus on building a powerful niche with lots of knowledge!

Being the most knowledgeable and having a vast amount of experience in your niche can be powerful because you’ll be able to share how you can get the job done either quicker for the client or how to solve the problem they have. Having an online blog for your website can create this inbound traffic from Google Search and other search engines, if you share the knowledge about your niche. Having more knowledge on your website can a very cost effective way of gaining more targeted traffic from Google and can build more sustainable traffic over time.


targeted traffic from google


Getting the top result for your business name is what you would most likely want when building your online presence. It is therefore a great idea to blog about how your website does business to harness the power of local searches.

5. Make it easier for people to contact you online!

Being easily found online isn’t always easy. Thankfully, there are certain ways to be quickly found online. Here are some targeted places that clients or potential customers can contact you. They are;

Facebook Fan Page – If you like using Facebook to contact your friends quickly, then it makes sense to create a fan page for brand awareness and your contact details such as website, phone number or email address.

Google+ Business Page – Mainly used by other businesses, so it can be easier for other business’s to find your online presence within Google.

Twitter – If you would like to keep people updated in real-time about what is happening in your business then twitter is a great place to mention it. It will allow people to send you a tweet using the @ tag, making it easier to create a conversation online.

YouTube – If you have some videos of how your business runs and what you have to offer can quickly build trust that you’re a reputable source to do business with.

6. Map Locations Targets Local People

A lot of brands these days are targeting the local people through advertising their business on online maps. When people are searching for your service within the same local area, your website will most likely be listed closely to the top of the search results.

Google Places  (For people searching at Google)

Whereis (Maps for finding local business)


local business maps get targeted viewers

7. Long tailed Keywords targets the right People

It is important if you are updating your website constantly with a blog that you focus on very specific keywords when writing the about a certain product because the user will most likely be specific in their search. So here is a good example, If your content is about digital cameras make sure to mention the camera name – model – and number so the intended visitor knows that you are specifically talking about that camera and not just cameras in general. If you have a business mention its name – opening hours and the people that work there and the specific location where you do business. Using long tailed keywords probably get less traffic then more mainstream keywords but the traffic will be most suited to what your visitor is wanting.

a long tail keyword targets unique visitors



Gaining targeted traffic to your website is the most important traffic your website will get because the people will want to read more then one page and spend longer then the average visitor would stay on your website. Over time this should result in sustainable traffic from search engines such as Google because they know how a visitor interacts with your website using their analytics tracking code.

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