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A Guide to Web Page Anatomy

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Here is a practical guide that will teach you what you need focus on when creating your custom web pages.
This infographic gives 5 major points for you to work out how you can deliver the right content that your audience needs. Take a moment to read through each point and post a comment if you’ve had experience creating the right webpages for your clients.

1. Billboard Header

You should treat¬†it just like you would a shop window, you’ll be able to place promotions, offers and messages that are most likely to drag people off the street.

2. Tell you Unique Selling Proposition

For maximum effect group key USP’s, calls to action and trust signals together and alongside billboards, the correct positioning of a badge offers a great opportunity to deliver a secondary message.
the webpage anatomy guide

3. Use Banners Effectively

Use banners as a method of navigating users directly to key products, categories or services. For added impact group directly underneath billboards to give a website a natural flow.

4. Use Subpanels and Expandable Divs

Use sub panels as an opportunity to promote additional products, calls to action and your trust signals. To deliver extra punch, add an expandable div so a box is revealed when the panel is clicked.

5. Position Messages outside the normal flow of Browsing

Use drop down navs, roll overs or product pages for additional offers and deliver an unexpected gift that packs a big punch by catching users off guard.
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