Each website I create at Webafest starts with a graphic, where each html element is positioned within its template. These graphics are created in the Gimp and will give you an idea for the positioning of your company logo, navigation and content. Most businesses keep a consist layout over their entire website, so it looks more uniform and professional.

Each template can integrate the power of CSS media queries, where your website will have the ability to be viewed on your mobile devices. Your branding will make use of the right color schemes to suit the look and feel of your business. Here is a selection of templates I have reviewed from elegant themes that you can setup for your small business.

They all have a clean presentation, load quickly and have a great user experience.

Notes of Life

notes of life

Daily Notes was designed with simplicity in mind. This would suit any writer down to the ground that writes on a frequent basis. What I like about this template is its minimal design and fast loading times you get with each page download. Everything has been stripped back to the bare basics of what writers need in order to have a fully functioning website or blog in a very short amount of time.


the Sky

The Sky template is elegant by nature. It has ajax ingrained into its code to provide a fast browsing experience to all people. After I first used this template I was amazed at the way each page slides from left to right. It provides an easy experience for navigating a website and will keep people interested for longer on your website. I would recommend this template to any small company who wants to get their website started today.



The shining feature about Envisioned is its slider on the homepage. It really shows how well you can present your image portfolio if your a photography blogger. With its dark blue background on the homepage, your images stand out and look very professional to the people interested in your work of art. I think the developers have really hit the sweet point of incorporating a modern, clean look into the template. It also has 3 columns on the homepage to describe your mission, what your about, and who you are.


Elegant Estate

Elegant Estate

Elegant Estate ranks as one of the best WordPress templates out their for Real-Estates in my opinion. If your an agent reading this review, I recommend it because of its custom search facility. It has a featured slider on the homepage that is useful for showcasing your homes to the rest of your community. I like the choice of colors that have been used the ability to contact the agent when browsing the homes. Google maps has been integrated into each house page.



13floor is perfect for those people who are looking to promote their product in a clean and simple manner. What strikes me about this template is how the slider navigation switches between different content. This allows to to quickly gain an understanding about what your product is about and the ability to take action with their call-to-action buttons in place. 13foor is ideal for a small business who wants to promote their physical or digital product to the rest of the World.

Lean Biz

lean biz

I love how clean the layout is presented in leanbiz. Although the text is a bit small, it does have the ability to insert video into the home page slider. What makes this template unique is that there are 4 different style layouts to choose from so you can get right color scheme your looking for. Select from red, blue, green, or maroon.


nimble responsive template

Nimble is one of my favorite templates that was been made in 2013. This template is fully mobile compatible and can also be viewed on your tablet. There are 5 different colors to choose from for each layout and you also get a personalized epanel to configure the layout settings. What I love about Nimble is the way you can setup your pricing page. Not many templates can present a professional pricing structure like what Nimble provides. The designers have taken the time to create rounded read more buttons which shows a new level of creativity.


Evolution is a fine presentation of minimal design. Its homepage template is centered and responds down to a lower resolution so your website can be viewed on a mobile phone. What I like about Evolution is the text you can have in each slider to show what each post represents. This allows you to have a visual representation of what the post is about before going to it. I would recommend Evolution to any small company out their looking for a clean template that is capable of being able use different page layouts.


the memoir theme

When I first saw this template I thought this would be perfect for all those savy book writers out there. The main navigation is presented down the left hand side where you can link to your about page or contact page. You are able to place a background behind your pages which provides a consistent look throughout your whole website. Memoir is well suited to bloggers and writers who need to present their information in a clear and concise way. After using this template for a little while, I found that it was more personal in the way you could read each post information that was presented.



The Bold template displays an earthy feel about it. You get presented with featured posts that you’ve completed under its top menu. What I do like about it is how they have presented the dates at the top of each post so a user can know when certain information was posted. This is great for any news companies who are wanting to keep their readers up-to-date with what their writing about. I like the way the menu has been designed to show arrows pointing to each link.
After taking Bold for a test drive, I quickly saw how well they made the search interface. Once you click on the search icon, it pops down with the search box waiting for you to type in a query. I reckon they’ve made some good use of javascript for this to happen.


the Harmony template
Harmony was created specially for musicians in mind. What I love about this template is the way they have made the featured songs post type. Your able just to click on a song and it will start playing in its built in music player. Your able to setup your own shopping cart to sell your latest music products.
There is a special place on the homepage where you can insert your media gallery to display pictures of the events you’ve played at. They have included a place at the bottom of each page where you can include recent comments, recent post and a custom text widget for placing any html data that you like.


the egallery homepage

Egallery was created especially for photographers who want to get their photo gallery up and going very easily. You can present your portfolio of images in clean and consistent presentation on the homepage. What makes this unique from other photo gallery templates is that it has a star rating system built in, so your audience has the power to rate your photos based on what they like. This was excellent feature the developers built in because it allows you as the photographer to gain understanding of what your audience likes and determines how you can best meet their needs.
They have also added a jQuery image gallery into the sidebar so when your mouse hovers over each image you get to see a preview of what it looks like.


Enews was made for news agencies in mind so they could present their latest articles in a magazine styled format. You get presented with a centered menu at the top, followed by a slider that features your latest news articles. It also has the benefit of using thumbnail images as links each written post. You haved the added feature of your author bio in the sidebar as well as archives and recent posts.


the evid layout

Evid was built for movie entrepreneurs in mind. It has a number of unique benefits that allow people to interact with you website. Not only do you get to play your favorite videos but there is link and rating system embedded directly into the template. This allows people to rate the videos they watch, share them with their friends and embed them into your own website.


Foxy is a new premium WordPress template that was made in 2013. What I like about it is its pure simplicity. Foxy takes advantage of responsive design that looks clean and is well suited for any new startup. You have the ability to add tabs within your content so you can present different information. The tabs work in ajax so you won’t have to load a new page to get the information you need.


Each template comes with updates, so when there is a new version, we will install the update so your website is running as smooth as the day we made it. The templates we use are secure and have valid HTML code that is compliant with W3C. You’ll have access to logging into your website and have access to changing the images, wording and uploading new content. If you are still looking for a suitable template to fit your needs, I recommend you take a look at our range of Premium templates that you can buy.
This will give you the opportunity to select one that has the features you may be looking for.